Debit Card Alerts

Please follow these step by step instructions to get the Shazam Brella App for our Debit Card Alerts.

  1. Go to your App Store.
  2. Search for BRELLA.
  3. Click on the App and Install It.
  4. Select Register.
  5. Enter your debit card number, expiration date, and check mark I accept Terms and Conditions. Then hit Next.
  6. Enter the last four (4) digits of your social security number. Once you are done with that hit Next.
  7. Fill in a username (one that you create), create a password and confirm it. You will also need to enter your Email address and mobile number. Once this is all done, select the next button.
  8. Fill out your first name, middle initial, last name, and then your address. Then hit Next.
  9. Select Done.
  10. Go to your e-mail account that you provided and open the email from Shazam that has the Subject BRELLA Activation. Click on the blue Activation Link.

You can now go back to the Brella App.

  1. Log on to BRELLA using the username and password that you have created
  2. For the first time signing on you will need to read through the E-sign agreement and hit Accept if you accept.
  3. You will now see your card and your balance in a blue box. Click any where in the blue box.
  4. Click on Set Alerts and blocks. 
  5. The first button you can select is to turn your card off or on. When the button is green your card is working. When it is dark blue your card is blocked, and no transaction will go through.
  6. The next are alerts that you can set for dollar amount, internet and phone transactions, transactions outside the US, suspected fraud alerts, and all other notifications. The bank recommends you set an alert for each of these categories to minimize your risk for fraud.